Bengals Drop Second Straight in Cleveland

Two weeks ago I wrote that the Bengals had 3 straight winnable games and had a good shot at getting to 6-1. Well so much for that. If the Bengals do not make the playoffs this season they can look back at these 2 games against Miami at home and at Cleveland, two teams they should be better then.

The problem last week was offense, this week it was defense and turnovers. Dalton was intercepted 3 times and the offense also lost a fumble late in the fourth quarter. Despite these turnovers the Bengals offense nearly played well enough to get a win. The mistake that ended any hope for Cincinnati was when Dalton threw a pick 6 to Sheldon Brown in the 4th quarter which made the score 34-17. Green had another big game, but it was all for naught.

The Bengals defense was not good enough against a team that has had one of the worst offenses in the league to this point. There was a lack of pressure on Weeden through out the game and also, a lack of good coverage. The Browns have one guy that truly is a threat as a wide receiver and that is Josh Gordon. The Bengals knowing this still allowed him to get behind the defense in the first quarter for a 71 yard td. Trent Richardson left with an injury, but backup Montario Hardesty was able to come in and run the ball effectively.

For a team that looked like they were possibly emerging as one of the best teams in the AFC after 4 weeks this is a major setback. Now all of a sudden instead of being talked about as possible AFC North contenders, their season could be in disarray. Now the schedule takes a turn for the worse with games against Pittsburgh, Denver, and the Giants. The Bengals need a find a way to piece things back together quickly or they could be staring at a record under .500 shortly.

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