Week 6: Bengals at Browns

The Bengals travel to Cleveland on Sunday to battle the 0-5 Browns. The Bengals enter the game at 3-2 coming off a disappointing home performance against Miami. The Bengals will be without starting linebacker Rey Maualuga which may become a bigger problem then people think. Trent Richardson had his coming out party 1 week ago in New Jersey and is not going to be stopped easily.

On paper this appears to be a nice matchup for Cincinnati but this win will not come easy. The Browns are desperate for a win which makes them a dangerous team. They have nothing to play for at this point other then pride and could pull out some interesting tricks. The Bengals better be able to stop Richardson or it might be a long day.

Another problem for the Bengals today is going to be the return of Joe Haden just in time to take on AJ Green. Two of the best young players in the league at their respective positions is going to make this an interesting matchup to watch. The Browns defense is not as bad as it looked last week. The Giants offense is just that good. I put the Bengals on serious upset alert today. As a matter of fact of picking the Browns in this one, 24-21.

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