Bengals Drop Game to Inferior team at Home

If the Bengals have any aspirations of winning their division and playing home games in January they cannot afford losses such as this. Great teams beat the teams they are supposed to beat. The Bengals failed to do this Sunday falling to the Dolphins 17-13.

Coming into the game Miami was playing some good football but that is still no excuse for Cincinnati. After their season opener against Baltimore the Bengals had won 3 straight games convincingly. Those 3 games turned this into a game that they should not lose. They lost, and it was a poor performance. Early on the offense squandered some opportunities to put up 7. They were able to muster up 2 field goals but a lot of times in this league that does not cut it. After those 2 drives in the first quarter, the offense did not see any success until late in the third quarter. It was by far the worst the Bengals looked offensively since week 1. Credit Miami’s defense for playing as well as they were able to. Bernard Scott was finding success until he was injured and is now lost for the remainder of the season. This is a crucial loss for the offense, Scott is a nice play making compliment to Green-Ellis.

The Bengals defense was able to stop Ryan Tannehill for most of the day but with the lack of offense it did not matter. In the redzone, the Bengals did not let Tannehill beat them but they did let the Dolphins running game beat them as they ran for 2 tds. Overall the defense played well enough to win and this one was mainly on Andy Dalton and company. As good as Dalton has been he is not to the point just yet that he can dominate without a balanced offense. For some reason the Bengals did not run the ball much at all with only 19 attempts. This does not add up to me considering they were never far back in this one.

A late missed field goal by Mike Nugent to make the score 17-16 really buried the Bengals as they then still needed a td for the win. Dalton’s late interception sealed their fate for the day. This was a disappointing performance from a team who was beginning to look very good. It is absolutely critical that they put this behind them have a good week of practice and come out firing this Sunday.

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