Week 5 Preview: Bengals vs. Dolphins

The Bengals enter their week 5 matchup at 3-1, and look to have an outstanding advantage over the 1-3 Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins have been much more competitive then expected with a rookie qb losing 2 in a row in overtime.

Miami is desperate for a victory after the way they have lost the last 2 against the Jets and Arizona. Emotionally these must have been draining on their rookie quarterback. It is up to the Bengals pass rush to disrupt Tannehill’s rhythm so that he cannot get into a groove. He has showed some potential especially with Brian Hartline. Reggie Bush appears to be back to 100 percent so he poses their biggest offensive threat. With the way the Bengals were able to handle Maurice Jones-Drew last week it makes you believe they will be able to handle Bush. Miami has shown they can be dangerous offensively, so the Bengals defense better not take them lightly.

Offensively the Bengals should be able to move the ball against the Miami defense. It all starts with the sophomore sensations Andy Dalton and AJ Green. There has been no sophomore slump for either of them, just vast improvements. Nothing seems like it is going to stop this growing dynamic duo. The run game needs to continue to be successful to keep defenses off balance. Miami has a pretty good front seven so this should be a tougher test then the last 2 weeks for Cincinnati.

Miami might be 1-3 with a rookie quarterback and a lack of big names on offense but they can move the football. They have competed recently and I expect them to do so again today. In the end the Bengals prevail but it might take some late 4th quarter heroics from Dalton and Green. Bengals 24-Dolphins 17.

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