Bengals Looking For Three Game Win Streak

After a crushing week 1 loss to division rival Baltimore Ravens, the Cincinnati Bengals have turned it around and made themselves a team to be reckoned with in the AFC.  Their offense has rajado que s been racking up points by utilizing all of the weapons they have to the best of their abilities.  They need to get their defense in line if they do not want things to turn into a shootout this Sunday in Jacksonville against the Jaguars.

Ever since the loss in week 1 to the Ravens, Andy Dalton has turned things around for his team.  In both of his last games, he has thrown for three touchdowns and 300 yards.  These are top level quarterback numbers, and he should be able to continue the trend this week versus the Jaguars.  Jacksonville has allowed a great deal of points over the course of the first three weeks of the season, and the trend should most definitely continue if Dalton can find ways to get the ball to AJ Green.

What the Bengals really need to worry about, though, is the fact that their defense has been allowing ungodly amounts of points each game.  They let the Ravens put up 44, the Browns 27 and the Redskins 31.  The Jaguars can definitely move the ball given the chance, so the Bengals need to make some adjustments quickly if they want to keep this winning streak alive.  If not, they game will most certainly turn into a shoot off, which could end badly for the,  They will need to be confident going into this week that their defense is up to snuff.

When it comes to NFL picks this week, the Bengals may be the way to go at -1.5 against an erratic Jaguars team.  That is, of course, if their offense can stay consistent and their defense does not allow a great deal of points.

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