Bengals A Dangerous Match For Redskins

The Cincinnati Bengals bounced back after week 1, where they lost to the Baltimore Ravens, to get a big win in Cleveland against an improving Browns defense.  They will have their hands full this week, but on the other side of the ball.  Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is looking like a real threat out of the gate, so the Bengals defense will need to step it up if they want to stay in the game.

As far as NFL picks go this week, the Bengals versus the Redskins could be decided either way.  With Washington at -3 for the game, the Bengals defense will need to step up and make it a close one.  They have not looked as good as in years past, allowing 44 points against the Ravens in week 1 and 27 last week to the Browns.  From what we’ve seen, RG3 loves to rack up points.  If the Bengals D does not find a way to tame Griffin in some form or fashion, they will certainly be looking at a big deficit early on.

Similarly, if the Andy Dalton led Bengals offense does not find a way to keep up with the Redskins on points, this game could be a shutout.  This young Bengals offense shows a lot of promise, but still makes a few mistakes from time to time, which could lead to some unwanted turnovers.  The Redskins D has forced five turnovers already this year and are looking to rack up some more against Dalton, AJ Green and the rest of this Bengals team.  They will need to play smart if they wish to put some points on the board against Washington.

The Bengals certainly have some things to improve on going forward in the season, but they definitely have the tools to beat the Redskins this Sunday.  Their defense just needs to stay focused and their offense must keep the game close against a dangerous Washington Redskins team.

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