Bengals Must Stay Consistent To Defeat Redskins

Cincinnati narrowly beat out the Browns this week.  The Redskins could not top the Rams.  Both teams had their positives and negatives.  The Bengals did not look as intimidating as the Redskins on offense but did not allow as many points.  The negative on both sides happened to be the defense.  The Bengals will need to tighten up there’s if they want to stand a chance in week three against the Redskins.

Andy Dalton looked like a well seasoned quarterback this Sunday against the Browns.  But they were playing the Browns.  While the Cleveland defense is one of the worst in the league, Dalton was effective none the less.  He threw for 318 yards with three touchdowns and only one interception.  This is pro level numbers.  The thing he needs to worry about going forward is if he can match them against stronger defenses.  The Browns are the bottom of the barrel as it pertains to preventing a pass touchdown, so Dalton and the entire Bengals offense needs to take that into consideration going forward.

Where Cincinnati needs to stay cautious is on the defensive side of the ball.  They allowed 27 points from a Cleveland Browns team that has few weapons on offense other than rookie Trent Richardson.  A stronger front seven will exponentially help this Bengals team on their journey towards the AFC championship and possibly the Lombardi Trophy.  If they stay motivated and do not lose focus, they can very well defeat a Washington Redskins team that looked unbeatable in week 1 but fell apart in week 2.

If you are considering your options as it pertains to NFL picks in week 3 for the Bengals at Redskins.

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