Bengals Should Have Easy Time with Browns

The Cincinnati Bengals were smoked on Monday Night Football against the Baltimore Ravens but they should have a much easier time of things with the Cleveland Browns. After all, the Ravens are a Super Bowl contender while the Browns could be selecting first overall in the 2012 NFL Draft.

However, the Bengals will have to learn some lessons from Week 1. For starters, the Bengals will have to learn from the Philadelphia Eagles failures as the Eagles nearly handed the Browns a win. Philadelphia opted for more passing than running when quarterback Michael Vick put the ball up 56 times. That led to a very predictable offense and a much easier time of things for the Browns defense. Cleveland’s pass defense is fairly strong whereas their run defense is the noticeable weakness, so the Bengals would be smart to run the ball more than pass it.

Secondly, the Bengals will have to learn from their mistakes in Week 1. The Bengals didn’t blitz very much in Week 1 because of the Ravens lethal passing game but that will have to change in Week 2. With the Browns starting a rookie quarterback who threw four interceptions last week, Cincinnati should be more comfortable going after him. They’ll also want to feed BenJarvus Green-Ellis more carries as he had plenty of success against Baltimore last week and should find more room against the Browns. A Bengals back has gone over the 100-yard rushing mark in six of the last seven games.

People making their NFL picks should be wary of a slow start from the Bengals as they are on a short week after playing in Monday Night Football but in the end, they’ll wear down the Browns and pull away in the second half. If you’re a betting man, expect the Bengals to cruise and send the Browns to 0-2.

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