Bengals Come Close, but not Close Enough

The Bengals put up a great fight against the Steelers on November 13, 2011 and were close to taking sole possession of first place in the AFC North, but the Steelers defense buckled down and refused to let the Bengals walk away in first place. It was one touchdown that separated the score between the two teams, but two fourth quarter opportunities were taken away by the Steelers defense when Timmons and Gay both intercepted Dalton. It was a close defensive battle, and the Bengals again let the NFL know that they are a completely different team and are truly playoff contenders.

Next week the Bengals will travel to Baltimore to play the Ravens for the first time this season. The Ravens have been extremely disappointing so far this season, and giving them another loss following a bad loss to the Seahawks might be just what is needed to ruin the Ravens spirits and put them in a downward spiral forcing them to miss the playoffs.

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